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KIU Almunus John Bosco Kabuganda found his way to the Heights through Hard Work and Persistence


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus- When self-made John Bosco Kabuganda alias MC JB, joined KIU on 24th, August 2012, he was only searching for a degree in procurement and supplies management and perhaps a career growth but KIU offered more.

It is at KIU that Kabuganda, now the CEO of JBK events and Attitude change Uganda as well as a marketing executive at UBC, first discovered that he could become a great public speaker in addition to his unrivalled leadership skills some of which he attained from Ntare school, Masaka secondary school and Makerere University Business School, Nakawa.

By 2012 KIU was already an established academic powerhouse, the only one with an unrivalled international reputation in Uganda. It was and remains the most sought-after private University in the whole of East Africa.

 Having completed a degree in leadership and governance at state-aided Makerere University business school (MUBS), Kabuganda needed another degree to widen his scale of opportunities. He would never afford to miss such a chance as to join Uganda's leading private University.

On August 24th 2012, Kabuganda joined KIU to pursue a degree in Procurement and supplies management. This marked the beginning of a new era for the 34-year-old.

"This day was a dream come true," Kabuganda admits.

From orientation to graduation, Kabuganda was always a leader both by default and disposition. His journey through KIU was filled with joy, great expeditions and discoveries despite struggling financially.

Rising from a class Coordinator, a position he was appointed to on Freshers’ orientation to spearhead the re-establishment of the Students Union, now known as the Guild Union, Kabuganda’s natural ability to lead became increasingly evident. KIU Guild Union was non-existent for more than two years following its unprecedented suspension in 2010.

 As President for KIU class coordinators Forum, a forum that brought together Coordinators from all colleges and schools, Kabuganda's voice and suggestions were considered superior and developmental.

"Being the President of the KIU Class coordinators Forum, I was able to table a suggestion of reinstating the Guild Union and lucky enough my board accepted the idea and we were able to convince the administration to re-establish the guild Union in 2013," Kabuganda discloses.

"I contested and got the highest number of votes as Member of Parliament representing the college of economics and management (CEM)," he adds.

When he got into the guild Union parliament, Kabuganda was elected prime minister, a position that came with a stipend that ranged from 400,000 to 500,000 shillings a month.

"This was so helpful and liberating," he admits.

"It helped me out in raising upkeep and tuition which were my biggest challenge then," he adds.
His dexterous performance saw him ranked and bestowed as, best-performing student's leader at the end of his term of office in 2014.

Kabuganda is also credited for being the founder of the KIU Ankole Students Association (KIUSA), a forum that brings together all students from the Ankole sub-region.

However, it is through leadership and being an active student that introduced Kabuganda to people and platforms that supported his passion for public speaking and serving as master of ceremonies (emceeing) while at KIU."

I was given chance to talk during different events in the University, emceeing at parties, cultural gala and several other events at KIU," he affirms.

"I appreciate KIU and Miss Karwana Jovia, who was the dean of students by that time for giving me the most favourable platform. That's the reason why I am a good emcee and leader," he adds.
He was the host emcee for the 2017 cultural gala, an event where King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukiidi iv was a guest of honour.

‘’That was my best moment at KIU for I had a chance to shake hands with King Oyo and the most interesting bit was that he thereafter told me that I was a good emcee,’’ Kabuganda narrates.

This incredible young achiever is also a father of two children. He is looking forward to training many young people to change their attitudes towards life as well as pursuing a political dream of representing his community in the Parliament of Uganda as early as 2026.