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KIU Alumni Voice: Former KIU, Students’ Leader Headed for Transformation of Youths in Western Uganda


By Isaac Akugizibwe           

KIU, Main Campus - A few weeks after being elected LCIII Youth Chairperson for Kabira sub-county in Mitooma District, Tumuramye Bosco, the former KIU Guild Minister of Culture and Entertainment in the Guild Union has disclosed his plans to effectively transform the youth in the whole of Western Uganda.

Bosco said that he intends to use skills from his past experiences with the youth, especially during his leadership tenure at Uganda’s leading private university, to positively impact the lives of young people in his homeland. He also attributes his confidence to Cardinal Life for a purpose foundation an organization he started in 2019 with a purpose of mentoring the youth.

‘’First of all I want to thank KIU because it is where I got much of the confidence and knowledge to work with the youth. Another thing, KIU gave me diverse knowledge of which if I would be unwise not to make use of,’’ Bosco admitted.

He added that although he started Cardinal Life for the purpose foundation with an aim of employing himself, he later realized it can be a platform on which to address a number of issues facing the youth in his district and the whole of western Uganda.

‘’We realized a lot could be achieved through the Cardinal Life for a purpose foundation platform and eventually we started mentorship seminars in schools, community service, environmental protection campaigns among others,’’ he said.

Among the challenges Bosco intends to tackle during his term of office is prevalent teenage pregnancies, girls' health standards, unemployment, lack of survival skills among the youth and protection of the environment.

Tumuramye Bosco served in the 2018-2019 Students Union Parliament and Government as a Member of Parliament representing the School of Computing and Information Technology and Minister of Culture and Entertainment. He graduated with a Bachelors' of Science in Information Technology in November 2019.