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KIU Alumni Voices: “I Joined KIU Because of Titans” – KIU Basketball Super Fan Kyazze


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus – Fahad Kyazze, an ardent supporter of KIU’s basketball teams, KIU Titans and Rangers, has revealed that he joined the university because of his undying love for Titans, and he hopes to be a board member of KIU Basketball in future.

Kyazze (raising arms in the photo), a law graduate from the university, says he wants to have a lifelong relationship with the team and he hopes that being a board member of Titans and Rangers can help him achieve that.

"I started supporting the KIU Titans and Rangers even before meeting them physically. I used to listen to radio sports news and KIU Titans would be mentioned regularly. Stories told about the team were fascinating and soon, I fell in love with them. This also prompted me to join KIU," he discloses.

"Actually, in Uganda, I only support two teams, KIU Titans and Rangers in basketball and Sports-S in Volleyball.  I hope one day I will be on the board of the two basketball teams," he adds.

When he joined KIU to pursue a Bachelor of Laws in 2016, Kyazze was able to meet and watch his long-distance love then, the KIU Titans and the female team, Rangers, for the first time. 

Since then, Kyazze and the KIU basketball fraternity have formed such an inseparable relationship that missing a Titans or Rangers game is almost an unforgivable sin for him.

"They are the best two teams I have met in my life. It gives me joy to watch them playing," he says.

Kyazze is currently a student at the Law Development Center, Kampala Campus, which he joined upon completion of his Law Degree at KIU Law School in 2020 but despite being busy with academics, he has watched most of the KIU Titans and Rangers games this season.

 He is now spending much of his time in the lockdown watching replays of the games he missed and his favorite Titans star Faisal Aden.

Kyazze says his best-ever moment is the 2017 National Basketball League (NBL) playoff final against the eventual champions City Oilers. 

His worst is the infamous loss against the Warriors in the 2019 playoffs. 

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