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KIU Alumni Voices: Former KIUTISA President Mugeme Advises Students to Embrace Co-curricular Activities


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - Nicholas Mugeme, the emeritus president of KIU Toro Students Association (KIUTISA) and Social Work Students Association has advised students to find time for students societies and associations as they pursue the primary goal of academic excellence. 

Mugeme is currently a thriving social entrepreneur dealing in real estate and hospitality management and he says being an active member and leader of students associations contributed significantly to what he is today.

During his time in service to these associations, he learnt skills like mobilization, planning, public speaking, and accountability, which groomed him into an enterprising young leader and social entrepreneur.

"Students should not put all their eggs in one basket. Embrace co-curricular activities as you concentrate on bettering the academic part," Mugeme says.

“Apart from enhancing one's social capital, students associations equip students with a sense of responsibility and accountability, and promote confidence and self-esteem amongst members which are essential for employment,” he adds.

He states that associations give students a platform to meet and share ideas with peers from different institutions and faculties as well as providing enterprising and employment opportunities since they are capable of interacting with already established individuals among whom are potential employers.

"Associations are very important if you embrace and utilize them well. There are plenty of opportunities ranging from enterprising opportunities to employment. You can get future clients for your business in these associations,”

“They also attract people with different experiences and expertise for example politicians, businessmen, and scholars who equip students with different skills and opportunities. Such engagements can be sources of employment as well," he emphasizes.

Mugeme credits KIU for giving him the chance to explore his abilities both as a student and employee. He is grateful that KIU gave him his very first employment experience as a marketer, a job he got even before he graduated. 

Mugeme graduated from KIU in 2019 with a degree in Social Work and Social Administration and is credited with fostering close ties between KIU and King Oyo Nyimba Rukidi IV of Tooro. King Oyo graced the university’s 2017 cultural gala and the June graduation ceremony in the same year.

Apart from interest in real estate, Mugeme has also ventured into charity work, starting the “Mugeme Foundation” in his home district of Kyenjojo.

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