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KIU Alumni Voices: Knowledge Acquired From KIU Helping Abdulkadir Farah Prosper in Business


KIU alumnus Hassan Abdulkadir Farah says the knowledge he acquired while studying for his Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management at Uganda’s best private university has helped him to prosper in business.

Farah works as the Finance Officer for a Somali company located in South Sudan called Future Stars General Trading and he says he wouldn’t have been as successful at his job as he is today if it wasn’t for the expertise he acquired from his lecturers at KIU.

“The knowledge I learnt at KIU will continue to be of great benefit not only to my own business ventures but to the community as well,” Farah says.

He had done his Bachelor’s degree in Somalia, doing Business Administration but he felt it wasn’t enough, convincing him to enrol for a master’s programme at KIU.

“I chose to do my Master’s at KIU because it has good academic programmes and a conducive environment for a person like me because there were other Somali students there,” he says.

“Its location and environment are also very good,” he adds.

Farah also reveals that he has written a book titled “Labour Turnover and Organizational Performance in the Telecommunication Industry in Mogadishu, Somalia”, which can help many students to grasp a number of economic concepts that can help them in their studies.

Farah graduated from KIU on June 15th, 2019 and he says his time at the university was worth every minute and penny he invested for his Master’s degree.

“For Somali students who want to study in Uganda, I would advise them to choose Kampala International University because it is for me, the best university in Uganda,” Farah advises.

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