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KIU begins move to Change the face of Computational Dynamics and Mathematical modeling in Uganda


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus-A Two-day Workshop and Conference on Computational Dynamics and Mathematical modeling organized by the school of Mathematics and computing(SOMAC) came to end on Tuesday 7th February 2023 with remarkable milestones. It being the first of its kind in Uganda means KIU is surely on track to changing computation and mathematics in the country.

Among the achievements of this transformative conference is a change of mindset for both students and lecturers. According to Dr.Margaret Kareyo, the dean school of Mathematics and computing, the conference has already positively impacted students as per the feedback from the Postgraduates.

"For instance one of the learners commented that they've been able to understand their research more clearly and are able to apply mathematical modeling appropriately," she noted.

"They are now in a better position to judge when to go for experimental or theoretical research," she added.

Dr.Kareyo said that the conference has created a platform for mentorship both to the learners within KIU and other Universities that were in attendance.

"This implies that Knowledge is being replicated, boosted and shared by future academicians who are being prepared to become problem solvers, she emphasised.

"Collaboration is an inevitable occurrence in academia, therefore having boosted some of the reknown mathematicians of our generation like Prof.Mugambi Paul, the first mathematics professor in East Africa, and the likes of Prof.Makinde from Stellenbosch University," she added.

The conference was highly attended both physically and via zoom though the biggest number of attendees was of postgraduate students from KIU and other Universities in Uganda and Africa. This turn up was very promising according to Dr.Kareyo.

"The turn-up was good but for the future, we would wish to reach a bigger audience both within higher institutions of learning as well as in the industry," she said.

Dassan Nuwamanya, a postgraduate student of mathematics and computing said that the conference helped students to network with excellent mathematicians from all walks of life.

"We shared contacts and they are willing to help us, especially in research and other projects," he noted.

"My Undergraduate students were able to understand mathematics better than before, they were able to learn that mathematics is important and can be applicable in all spheres of life," Nuwamanya who also doubles as an assistant Lecturer in SOMAC, said.

The major goal of the conference was to collaborate and affect the direction of sustainable development through computation and mathematical modelling. This was duly achieved through knowledge dissemination of the various abstracts and keynote speakers.

"I was introduced to modelling as a means of solving practical problems. As a physicist, I've been mainly using experiments during research but with these new methods, I will be able to model processes and save the costs I would have incurred in buying electronic components," One participant, Ruth Kanyana narrated.

The conference was presided over by an incredible team of high-profile and internationally recognised individuals who included among others, prof. Paul Edward Mugambi, the first Professor of Mathematics in East Africa, Prof.Bamingbok of Ilorin University, Prof.Makinde from the Stellenbosch University of South Africa, and many other speakers.