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KIU Book Club: Defying the Odds: “Refusing to Give Up” when life gets hard by Tracy Lynn Roland


KIU, Western Campus - Defying the Odds is about the everyday life of a young girl growing up in the projects. It reveals many experiences the average person in America may not ever see or experience. Defying the Odds shows that one can overcome any and all situations and become a success in life.

Imagine not ever knowing your father because he died while you were very young, too young to even know what happened. Imagine a brother being murdered, used as a human shield. Imagine another brother dying in prison. Imagine losing your mom to a terrible disease. Yes, we all experience death in our families, but how many of us experience death like this, over and over again? 

Defying the Odds reveals the determination of one young girl who is singled out by a family that has the resources to show her a life far beyond the projects. A business owner teaches her the value of money and the importance of saving for the future so that there is never a need that cannot be met.

This book paints a clear and undeniable picture of the unrelenting determination of one young woman who came through some most difficult times and yet refused to give in to the beckoning of wrong turns that presented themselves on a daily basis in the projects that she called home. It is an inspiring story and one that should be shared with the countless number of young boys and girls who exist in similar circumstances throughout America.

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