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KIU Book Club: First Comes Love, then Comes Malaria by Eve Brown-Waite


KIU, Western Campus – What started as an attempt to do a forensic clean up of my house over the weekend resulted into a well-deserved read, probably for my efforts to maintain hygiene in this COVID-19 dominated era.

As I turned the house upside down, I managed to land on this hilarious read, which I clearly remembered as having enjoyed enormously when I first read it.

And with absolutely no plot for the weekend, I thought it would be of great entertainment if I re-read it.

This book is about one American girl’s experiences in the Pearl of Africa, as a loyal housewife who accompanies her social worker husband in Uganda to work for renowned International Organization CARE.

Eve-Brown Waite delves into a heartwarming and completely honest assessment of rural Uganda as seen through the eyes of a foreigner., in one paragraph, gives a fitting review thus “From intestinal parasites to getting caught in a civil war, culture clashes to unexpected friendships, First Comes Love, Then Comes Malaria is an honest and laugh-out-loud look at Eve’s misadventures as an aspiring do-gooder and her search for love and purpose, which she finds in the last place she expected,”

She touches on some of our sometimes annoying yet innocently honest attributes like talking too much at times, our prying nature, always seeming not to want to take our leave when we visit and our sometimes uncalled for interest in the private affairs of other people.

Yet she tells it all in that affectionate manner that shows you how much she fell in love with the natives of the beautiful country that we all know Uganda to be.

No wonder at the end of her story, she is moved to tears when she finally says her goodbyes.

This book is an endearing account of Uganda to any foreigner who would love to visit the banana republic.

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