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KIU Business Desk: US  ‘Injects’ Trillions Into Ugandan Economy in Two Years

kiu-business-desk-us -‘injects’-trillions-into-ugandan-economy-in-two-years

By Rogers Wanambwa 

KIU, Main Campus – In a new report from the United States of America, it is indicated that the country has injected USD953Million (UGX3.404Trn) into Uganda’s economy in the last two years alone.

The report, which was released on Saturday 18th December, 2021 by U.S. Ambassador to Uganda, Natalie Brown, revealed that through November 2021, the United States of America had donated assistance valued at $122 million (UGX440bn) to support Uganda’s fight against COVID-19 and an additional $206Million (UGX736bn) to Uganda to host 1.4 million refugees.

Essentially, Uganda’s health sector was the biggest beneficiary of the funds. It received over $517Million (approximately UGX1.48 Tn in 2020), while $60Million (approximately UGX214.503bn) went to aid the country’s economic growth, especially in agriculture, and $13Million nearly UGX46.475Bn went towards the promotion of justice and democracy in support of a more inclusive, empowered, and literate society.

Brown, in her report, indicated that 2020 was difficultly characterized by the outbreak of COVID-19 that brought life to a standstill, saw the death of many lives, shuttered the global economy, and even disrupted critical education and health initiatives.

However, she noted that despite the challenges given rise to by the pandemic, this didn’t deter the US from strengthening its relationship with Uganda. Instead, the Mission ensured that the almost $1 billion invested yearly by the United States government went on to encourage economic growth and employability, improve health and education, promote democratic values, and strengthen security.

“As we approach 60 years of relations between the American and Ugandan people, the United States looks forward to deepening its commitment to help empower the Ugandan people to build the healthy, prosperous, and democratic nation they richly deserve,” wrote Brown.