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KIU Career Guidance: There is no Time Like Today, Use the Lockdown Productively


KIU, Main Campus - We are 50 days into the lockdown today, what have you done to improve yourself?

What's your key area of competence? What are your talents? And what have you done to improve them? 

Let's be honest, if the lockdown has afforded you more free time than before, then it would be a missed opportunity if you don't use this time to make yourself better.

According to the president's most recent directives, you have a few more days to work on your craft.

Here are a few tips on what to keep in mind as you work on your development. 


Commit to Never Ending Learning


Do you find yourself struggling to adopt a new learning routine? Take it easy on yourself. You have your whole life ahead of you to master whatever it is you want to learn. So take it one day at a time, with a little by little approach. Set aside a few hours everyday to improve on your craft. 

Adopting a little by little approach with the commitment to life long learning will have endless benefits to you.


Use Your Social Media Productively


Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram among others have given us a diverse platform to explore our enterprises, share ideas and also market our craft. You can use social, media to connect with experts who can easily introduce you to new ideas in line with your career. It can also help you build traffic for your work or business.

However, you need to be extra vigilant while using different social media platforms since it is sometimes impossible to separate personal use from professional work.


Find a New Hobby


There is no time like today. There are probably many things you can do out of your course, career or skill aimed at enhancing or adding value to your craft.

How about starting a blog where you can share your thoughts, passions and insights. If you have an affection for fiction, write a few stories to share.

As long as you're adding value to yourself, it's time well spent. So start today!