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KIU Explorer of the Day: Abigaba Wants to Use his Stature as a Teacher to Fight Gender-Based Violence


KIU, Western Campus – Delick Abigaba, a second-year student at KIU Western Campus pursuing Bachelor’s of Arts in Education, says he does not only want to become a teacher in the future, but also an advocate for a gender based violence-free society.

Abigaba, who hails from Ibanda district, says he has seen the vice afflict his local community and therefore wants to fight it not only in his backyard, but also in the entire country.

“After my course, I am ready to serve my community not only as a qualified teacher, but also to help reduce and eradicate gender-based violence issues in the community,” he says.

“I especially want to fight the vice in my home area of Ibanda, collaborating with the local government in the area through sensitization and creating awareness about it,” he adds.

Abigaba says he formed this vision after enrolling at KIU especially through the eye-opening talks he received from his teachers and colleagues alike, who advocated for a violence-free society and tolerance for everyone.

“I remember when I had just come to KIU, I met a foreign student from Kenya, who was also aspiring to be a teacher just like me,” he reveals.

“He immediately became my friend and this changed my perception because I thought foreigners were segregative, something which improved my tolerance towards people of different backgrounds,” he adds.

He hails the KIU administration for giving him a bursary, which has enabled him pursue his dream of becoming a teacher, without any encumbrances, something that could have otherwise been difficult for him and his parents.

Nonetheless, he hails his mother and father, Dinavence Komuhendo and Jothan Kahiigi who have supported him financially and emotionally during his time thus far at university and “wishes them blessings from God.”

Abigaba, who says he has dreams of pursuing his studies up to PhD level, advises fellow students to put their studies first and endeavour to attend all their lectures and fulfill all their academic requirements.

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