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KIU Explorer of the Day: Acolnz Limited Ishaka Proprietor Collin Aine Turned to Business to Take Strain off Parents


KIU, Western Campus - Collin Aine decided to venture into business to take the financial strain off his parents, and the Acolnz Limited Ishaka proprietor is reaping dividends.

He says his father pays his tuition but the money he gets from business, he uses to take care of himself.

The third-year Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery student runs the business with his friends and classmates Mike, Alan, ‘Bill Gates’, Innocent, Derrick, Orech and Gilbert with whom he shares the commission from their business deals.

“After arriving in Ishaka, we realized students need houses that led us into the business of looking for hostels for people and getting some small commission which we shared among ourselves,” he says of his beginnings.

“Business moved on so well because we were getting many clients especially students who come from far away and do not know Ishaka very well. So, I continued working with my friends who later became like family,” he adds.

The group also deals in medical instruments and clothing, iPhones, Samsungs and other phones, laptops, business promotions, hostel booking, second hand house hold items like beds and other electronics such as fridges and TVs.

He however says venturing into business has not made him take his eyes off the ball as he knows academics is the number one reason why he is here in Ishaka.

“Running business and also doing education was not an easy job because you need to balance both of them. But education has been the main priority because it’s the reason why I am in Ishaka and I am handling it with care,” he reasons.

He says his mother is the main reason why he decided to venture into business because of a tip she gave him, and being an ambitious person, he decided to go for it.

“My mum once told me that you can't be rich with one source of income so decided to get many sources of income,” he reveals.

“And me and my friends are living a better life here at campus without disturbing our parents. So, it has kind of paid off,” he notes.

The group have now set up permanent abode at UWESO House outside campus where they run their different business deals from.

Aine has business running in his blood because he first ventured into business in 2017 with a cinema hall before going into selling second-hand high school text books in 2021.

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