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KIU Explorer of the Day: BTM TV's Fatia Lujja Chooses KIU For Its Undisputable Hospitality and Supremacy in IT, Wants to Change the Face of Ugandan Media 


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - Fatia Lujja, a second year student of Information Technology at KIU, has pledged to change the face of Uganda's media industry. The 22-year-old, who also doubles as an actress and television presenter, wants to become a producer first so as to fulfill her pledge.

Lujja presents "Embeera Ya City," a show which she co-hosts with her mentor Wisdom Kaye on BTM TV - one of Uganda's fast growing Christian televisions. Before joining BTM TV, Lujja first worked at Delta TV during her form six vacation before KIU in May 2021. Inspired by her mentor and close friend, Wisdom Kaye, she was hired by BTM TV three months later.

Lujja joined KIU in May 2021 having spent a month studying and evaluating different Universities in a bid to choose one that was not only convinient, but one also capable of providing better education. She wanted, in particular, a university that offered the best in her desired course; Bachelor of Information Technology. 

When she first embarked on her journey to KIU, her intelligence and imagination were quickly arrested by the University's ultimate hospitality even before she set foot inside the University premises. The first person she tried consulting before entering the mighty KIU premises was, according to her, "inexpressibly amazing and comforting."

"The first time I came to KIU, I met a very amazing man at the gate. I don't recall his name but I remember he looked like a lecturer. He was so calm and comforting. He explained to me all the procedures of getting admitted to KIU and surely his hospitality made me look no further," she admitted.

"He made me feel at home and I was convinced that I was really home even before entering the campus which was also a wonder itself. When I entered the University, everything was just wow," she added.

It is now seven months since Lujja joined Uganda's leading private University in pursuit of a career in Information Technology, and she says the University has been serving straight to her expectations.

"KIU has been so good to me even beyond what I expected. The lecturers give their best and are very helpful. So far so good," she affirms.

Despite being a passionate television presentor, Lujja chose to pursue Information Technology instead of Mass communication simply because she wants to become a great television producer, a position she hopes would help her change the face of the Ugandan media industry.

"I study IT in order to become a great TV producer because I want to see a change in the media, especially on television where we have similar shows and faces almost every where. It is only joining production teams that can help me accomplish my goal," Lujja says.

Apart from being a television presenter, Lujja is a great actor having featured in several local plays, skits and movies under Aromatic Entertainment, one of Uganda's exciting movie production companies.

She urges fellow students to pursue their passions even if they are not in line with the courses they offer. She believes that with passion, patience and persistence, success is inevitable.