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KIU Explorer of the Day: Delick Abigaba’s School Practice Experience


KIU Western Campus – School practice is the process of teacher training where the teacher trainees or students who have completed the theoretical bit of teacher education are exposed to the actual teaching and learning experience and the teaching profession in general.

This is the process that Delick Abigaba is currently undergoing at Itendero Secondary School in Sheema District.
Abigaba, whose current school practice is the first of two he is supposed to do before he qualifies for the award of Bachelor’s Degree in Education, says it is going well for him so far.

“I reported for my School Practice on May 29 to the Headmistress, Miss Naturinda Cleophas who welcomed me and directed me to the Director of Studies Mutegyereize Jean who allocated me lessons on the time table,” Abigaba says.

“And it is going very well considering the fact that it is my first school practice and I am very impressed by the ethical conduct of the teachers, which I am learning from as well as emulating them,” he adds.

Abigaba says school practice has had a great influence on his outlook towards the teaching profession and he admits that it will truly make him a better teacher.

He adds that the relationship between him and the teachers is very good as he works hand-in-hand with them in every school activity without fail, and he has also developed rapport with the students (as seen in the photo).

“At the end of my school practice on July 22, I am very confident I will leave the school a very good teacher who can dispense not only academic knowledge, but also morals and values in my students,” he notes.

Abigaba says he has noticed that there is a big difference between class and real teaching because one needs the ability to be confident in front of the learners and also be able to communicate effectively.

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