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KIU Explorer of the Day: "I am simply proud of my University," KIU song star Lucky Lemon sings.



By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - Away from politics, Tony Ojuku alias Lucky Lemon, a fourth year student at KIU law school, has been the talk of campus in these recent weeks especially after his song titled 'KIU' was made a caller tune by Airtel. When asked why he solicited for the caller tune, Lemon said it was simply an expression of pride for the university.

Lemon said that KIU has played everything straight to his expections since he joined. The fact that he was able to get admitted to pursue his life dream course, law made him fall in love with Uganda's leading private university so much so as to compose a song.

"I was admitted as a student of law at KIU unlike other universities that conditionalised my entry through pre-entries with some giving me courses that never corresponded with my interest," Lemon explained.

He also hailed the reception he received when he first came to KIU which he preferred to describe as warm and positive.

"The reception was welcoming and positive," he admitted.

Many students thought his song about KIU was a project aimed at attracting money from the university and it's stakeholders. But he said that they are getting to like it especially now that it is even a caller tune.

"There emerged critism especially from fellow students who thought it was a money making project and later became envious of me," he narrated.

In his song, Lucky Lemon describes KIU as a cradle of genuine harmony and good life, characterised by a beautiful scenery with a condusive learning environment and a violence free population. He also talks about the way KIU keeps up to its mission and vision as well as the motto 'Exploring The Heights' represented by the Giraffe.

The multi-talented singer also said that singing a song about KIU was the only way he could express the love and passion for his beloved university because music is his other unrivalled passion.

"Music is my hobby. I can't do without it and I thank God that I have been in position to balance it with academics of which KIU has given me a favourable platform for both," he disclosed.

He promised to continue contributing towards promotion of the KIU brand when and wherever he gets an opportunity.

"I won't give up and I will always fight hard to leave a good legacy behind. I want to flourish the brand name 'KIU' wherever I will be getting an opportunity to market it the more because I am genuinely proud of my university," he declared.

Lucky Lemon's music can be accessed across all social networks and music streaming channels. His social media label is 'Lemon Ug' incase one needs to keep up with all trends about him and his music.