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KIU Explorer of the Day: "I fall in love with KIU almost every day," - Mathematics Enthusiast Ambrose Akweka 


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - When Ambrose Akweka chose to join KIU in January 2021, most of his high school compatriots considered other options telling him that they had headed for the best, only to see him thrive at what is currently known as Uganda's leading private university, KIU. 

It is now one year since he first stepped in KIU - arguably Uganda's most beautiful campus - where life, laughter and love reign together. 

"I fall in love with KIU almost each day," he said.

Despite joining KIU during the most uncertain of times, and with the surging COVID-19 pandemic making life uneasy everywhere, Akweka was quick to discover the gold that lies within the heart of Uganda's leading private university. The desire to excel in all spheres of life as summarised in the motto, 'Exploring The Heights', rhymes with his life long aspirations.

"I have always strived for excellence, and my lead goal in life is to be above the ordinary," said Akweka.

He admitted that life at KIU is incomparably interesting and that he is yet to find a place with such hospitality and condusiveness as that which he has experienced at KIU ever since he joined. He finds both students and staff friendly and motivating to live with.

"I find studies and life at KIU interesting because I have alot of people to motivate me. Lecturers, fellow students, and other people I meet in this university are always friendly and motivating to keep by," Akweka admitted.

Considered a mathematics genius by his peers, Akweka has no room for regrets. He said his choice to join KIU is so far the best he has ever made.

"I don't think I regret because if I had not joined KIU, I wouldn't have come across the experience I have now, and would not have gained the confidence to talk to people through presentation in class and other engagements. I think this is the best decision I have ever made," he affirmed.

Though he seemed to keep his scores a secret, Akweka is an excellent student. This is the reason why his classmates rate him highly in academic circles. He said his good performance was as a result of hardwork and knowing his ultimate goal.

"I think I am succeeding academically because of the efforts I put in. I want to be a testimony that hardwork pays," Akweka said.

"I read wisely and tirelessly, and I also think the way I conduct myself and the respect I give to different people has made me a different person," he added.

Akweka advises fellow students to always look right, left, forward and backwards considering their different backgrounds before making decisions. By doing this, he thinks, they can be able to come up with fruitful achievements.