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KIU Explorer of the Day: Kandake Wants to Give her Students a Holistic Education


KIU, Western Campus – Kandake Basasire is surely one focused human being.

The third-year Bachelor of Arts in Education student says she did not come to university to get a mere degree, but to acquire the best skills that will enable her become a teacher that can give a holistic education to her students.

“I intend to apply the knowledge I got from KIU by teaching learners especially in secondary school not only about the class sitting and writing but also how to become better people and how best they can live and relate well with the people they live with in their communities,” Kandake, who is soon commencing her school practice, says.

To emphasize how serious she is, Kandake tells me that she never sits on her laurels in her free time; she attends to her sister’s shop, and when she is not doing that, she does some farming.

She says she joined KIU to study and after school, get a job and live a good life, and she believes KIU has imparted enough skills in her to enable her to achieve her target.

“Academically, KIU has helped me get new ideas and learn some skills especially about the teaching profession. Socially, it has helped me meet new people, I got new friends with whom I have always exchanged ideas and shared knowledge with,” she notes.

And she says there is one person she will forever be indebted to.

“Appreciations and thanks to my best lecturer Madam Agatha Higgins Ruteraho, who guided me since year one up to my final year. She's been my inspiration and may God bless her so much for me,” Kandake raves.

She has some piece of advice for anyone who would wish to get a quality university education.

“It would be in that person’s best interests to join KIU because as well known, it is the private leading University in Uganda that has got every course any student would wish to take and get taught by the best lecturers,” she opines.

She advises students to focus and strive hard to hit their goals, leave their comfort zones and read to excel so as to avoid graduating with pass degrees that limit them in getting jobs. 

Kandake also advises them to above all pray to God to guide them always, direct their path as they come out victorious and become happy people who will live happy lives.

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