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KIU Explorer of the Day: Karuhanga eyes KIU Guild Presidency after Being Cleared for Law School MP Seat


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - Ronald Karuhanga, one of the five candidates nominated to compete in the 2020-2021 guild union parliamentary elections representing School of Law has declared his intention to run for guild presidency if he succeeds in the college elections on Monday 7th 2020.

Karuhanga said he was inspired by his willingness to serve wherever there is vacuum and the fact that he couldn’t afford to sit aside and let bad leaders mislead society. He said that he also wants to change KIU for the best.

‘’I am a believer in Plato’s school of thought that society suffers when it is in the hands of bad leaders and that the worst leaders in society are not voted by bad people but good and capable people who fail to offer themselves for leadership and sometimes good people who vote badly," Karuhanga recounted.

He also expressed his determination to make KIU main campus greater than ever before and create a legacy that can be a center of discourse for multiple generations. He affirmed that his conviction is to put a difference in the way of life of students and all stakeholders at Uganda’s leading private university.

‘’I am a lover of challenging status quo and it is against such a background that I offer my self to serve all students at Law school and KIU atlarge.My conviction really is to deliver service that will put KIU to greater heights,’’ he admitted.

In his manifesto, Karuhanga fronts solving students’ challenges in academics and livelihood in and around the university premises using affirmative action. He also plans to convince the university to add to her technological infrastructure in order to drastically improve communication between students, lecturers and the administration.

Ronald Karuhanga is in the second semester of his second year at the school of law. He is the founder and current president of the ‘Rule of Law' Club at KIU main campus and a member of the KIU debate club. He served in top leadership positions during high school both at Ntare School and Nyakasura School.

KIU practices the Electoral College system of democracy where the guild president is determined by parliament with winner required to have the majority of MPs voting for them.