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KIU Explorer of the Day: KIU Law Student Develops App to Ease Access to Law Notes


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU Main Campus - David Reagan Kaddu, a finalist student at the KIU Law School, has developed an app that would help ease access to notes of all law courses. He says that the Kaddu Reagan David App was built as a sole solution to the insurmountable challenges students of law have been facing when it comes to accessing notes.

Having observed law students struggle to access some notes several times, Kaddu started thinking of a sustainable solution to the problem. True to his exposure, he thought a technological solution would serve better. 

When he approached a friend and his team of experts at Amagezi Innovation Ltd, his idea of having an app that would ease access to law notes materialized.

"We experienced a lot of challenges in accessing the case law notes and statutes among others. So I thought of solving those challenges through technology since the whole world is moving in that direction," Kaddu narrated. 

He named his app the 'Kaddu Reagan David App.' This app is on the Google Play store from where it can be downloaded by anyone as long as their device supports the system. 

"The Kaddu Reagan David App will provide all necessary reading materials that can help students in furthering their studies," Kaddu assured.

Despite being in his second last semester at KIU Law School, Kaddu is hopeful for a Presidential position at the Law Society, one he thinks can help him explore his potential and ability to change many things.


How the Kaddu Reagan David App functions

1. Lecture Law Notes: With this option, one can access all soft copy notes thus making it easy for reading. It is convenient compared to any other source of law notes because all you need is your phone and the ability to download the app with all the notes at no cost.

2. Listen Live: This makes it possible to broadcast a live transmission, which allows the cabinet to talk to the students directly without delay. Students can ask questions through a WhatsApp platform. It is similar to a live radio station, where people can be heard talking in real-time.  

3. Feedback: This is a suggestion box-like function. It allows for a fast flow of comments or suggestions to the Law Society and the University. It is faster than the analogue mode of suggestions which takes a longer time to reach the intended receiver.

4. Useful law links: These links are so helpful in reading cases. They provide access to all law cases which are fundamental in some principles of law. 

6. Survey. This function helps the user to monitor activities that require close attention. For example, monitoring one's progress during elections. One is able to see the results of a particular survey based on the questions asked.