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KIU Explorer of the Day: Musika Wants to Improve Health Service Delivery in Jinja North


KIU, Western Campus – William Musika always loathed falling sick, and he always tried to avoid being so, and still, he always felt bad when someone else fell sick.

That is why first, he decided to be a medical doctor and second, he vowed that once he achieved his dream, he would pour all his energies in ensuring that he improves health service delivery in his area – Buwagi Village in Jinja Northern Division, Jinja District.

“One of my greatest fears is falling sick or seeing someone else fall sick. That’s why I decided to be a medical doctor in the first place and once I graduate, my primary goal is going back home and help in fighting illnesses, especially the avoidable ones so that I aid in reducing the mortality rate there,” Musika, a third-year student of Bachelor of Clinical Medicine says.

“It irritates me a lot when I go back home and see people dying of avoidable ailments like malaria, unsafe abortions and the like,” he adds.

Musika says he is confident that the knowledge his lecturers at KIU give him will make qualified enough to achieve his goal.

“Our lecturers are competent enough and impart in us the knowledge to make us good doctors. I have particularly learnt a lot from Internal Medicine and Paediatrics, which are my major areas of interest,” he reveals.

Apart from academics, Musika says he has gained a lot from KIU like making new friends from various parts of the world and also getting to know a new place – Bushenyi District.

He advises his fellow students to stick to their education and also read as widely as they can because medicine evolves every day.

“You shouldn’t just sit on your laurels and expect your lecturers to give you everything in class. It is important for you to research as much as you can and expand your knowledge base,” Musika advises. 

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