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KIU Explorer of the Day: Namutebi is Interested in Research About Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases


KIU, Western Campus – Jackline Namutebi, a Master’s in Public Health student at KIU Western Campus, and who also recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing Sciences at KIU’s 27th Graduation ceremony, says she is interested in research about communicable and non-communicable diseases.

The versatile Namutebi says she has gained so much knowledge in disease prevention and diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

“I hope to use more knowledge in prevention of diseases, and research especially in Communicable and non communicable diseases. I believe prevention is better than cure and it saves lives,” says the former KIU Guild Council speaker.

“I love children and old people and I hope I can use this knowledge to promote the health of children and old people as they grow because they need special care and attention,” Namutebi adds.

And she hails KIU’s education system, which she credits for not only her degree but also the belief that it will enable her achieve her target of doing quality research about diseases.

“The quality of education is very good and it gives excellent education to the students who are also prepared to study and learn and be focused,” she notes.

Namutebi says her persistence and God's love for her has enabled her to achieve her dream of getting a Bachelor’s degree because sometimes she almost fell out of the course but God reminded her of how much He loves her and still treasured her.

She however says her education journey was not without challenges.

“The death of my grandfather while I was in second year 2019 was my lowest moment. He was my everything, my pillar - the man I have known and loved dearly, the person who loved me so much genuinely after my mother. When I lost him I was in shock,” Namutebi reveals.

She assures whoever has joined KIU that it is one of the best decisions they would ever make because KIU will impact their lives positively, not only in education, but in more life skills that would mould their lives forever.

Namutebi thanks the Chairman Board of Trustees (CBOT) Dr. Al Hajji Hassan Basajjabalaba for his generosity as they wanted to chase her out of school but he ensured that she resumes her studies.

She also thanks her mother, her grandfather who always saw the best in her and World Vision which gave her the first step in school plus her sponsor whom she refers to as Jessica.
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