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KIU Explorer of the Day: Ronald Setumba Wants to be a Doctor That Leads From the Front


KIU, Western Campus – Ronald Setumba says he is one person that has never shied away from responsibility, and the Bachelor’s of Medicine and Surgery student says he wants to be a doctor that leads from the front.

Setumba (in white clinical coat), who is also the Vice-President of the Guild Electoral Commission, believes the medical field has evolved over the years and it needs real leaders.

“In the past, the place of a medical doctor was only the medical facility, but as time has shown, doctors have come into leadership positions,” he says.

“I believe I have enough leadership skills to be able to be someone that can represent my peers in whatever capacity that I deem fit enough to be of service,” he adds.

Setumba is however quick to add that he has all his sights on medicine because it is one of the best ways he can serve humanity because health is wealth.

“I always wanted to do medicine because, in my opinion, it is one of the beast ways I can serve humanity and make a lasting contribution to society, my country and the medical field,” he notes.

Setumba reveals that that is why he came to KIU in the first place because he believed it was the best place for him to hone his medical skills owing to its track record and contribution to the health sector in the country.

He adds that he has not been disappointed with what he found at KIU, adding that what he actually found on the ground exceeded his expectations by miles.

Setumba advises his fellow students to always remember the reason they came to university and not allow external factors and distractions to make them take their eyes off the ball.

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