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KIU Explorer of the Day: Searching for Hope at KIU. Afaf Ahmed Dreams of a Peaceful Somalia.


By Isaac Akugizibwe.

KIU, Main Campus - Worried by the unprecedented escalation of tension in her homeland, Somalia, Afaf Ahmed feels concerned and indebted to change events and deliver peace, respect of human rights, and good governance in her motherland. It is upon this that she decided to pursue a Bachelor of Laws at Kampala International University (KIU).

In February 2020, Afaf landed in Kampala aboard Ethiopian Airways to kickstart her dream course at Uganda's leading private university. Because she is part of the ACCESS 47 Foundation, her admission did not go through then. she had not got the certification to join University.

"My documents were delayed so I couldn't join directly in 2020," she narrated.

Afaf was admitted to pursue a Bachelor of Laws at KIU in January 2021 after being certified by ACCESS. This made her very happy.

"I am so happy that the best university in Uganda has finally admitted me," she admitted.

Continuing and new students are expected to start physical classes in a staggered manner in April according to the Ministry of Education program. Afaf hopes to enjoy her course and cannot wait to see the reporting day come to pass.

"KIU is the greatest university for me. I have walked around the compound since the year began and I can't wait to explore the heights in the lecture room," she excitedly remarked.

Afaf intends to go back to Mogadishu not only as a lawyer but a cowrie of hope for the future of a country whose development has been severely affected by insecurity orchestrated by Alshab Militants. She is confident KIU will answer her call in the next four years.