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KIU Explorer of the Day: "Speaking on the Microphone is my best moment"-  KIU's  MC Enos

kiu-explorer-of-the-day-speaking-on-the-microphone-is-my-best-moment- -kius -mc-enos


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - With the trade exhibition at KIU counting it's second week, it is evident that the business-oriented event is also giving a platform to students to showcase their talents. Benjamin Aine Enos, commonly known as Mcee Enos, is one of those reaping from this exhibition. He told us that the event has given him chance to rekindle his best moments.

Dubbed 'Mic Prince', Aine is a third year student of Information Technology at KIU despite falling for the microphone. Currently the chief host of the Dawn Lounge's Saturday night where he has bought himself a place among Kansanga's big boys, the self-made technician is one of the few boys who are keeping students entertained nowadays.

He is a member of the 'House of Mcees Uganda' - an umbrella body formed in 2019 by a board of top Mcees where he joined under the mentorship of MC Banks and NBS TV's Casmir. His love for the microphone is undisputable.

"It is my passion. It is what I love."

He admitted that there is no better moment he has had than when he is performing his trade with a microphone.


"My best moment is when I am talking on the microphone. Nothing else has so far compared to that," he said.

Aine begun practicing his passion as early as primary school. He was master of ceremonies during his class' leavers party at Mbarara Modern Primary School, his first major event to perform at.

Inspired by Super Marcus, a reknown Kenyan club announcer, Aine was convinced that he too could move crowds and be able to control events especially Karoake.

"I used to watch and listen to Super Marcus from Kenya. His energy and voice did wonders in night clubs. Then I drove so much love for the job. That's how I begun my walk into this trade," he explained.

"I loved his energy, his flow of words and the way he controls the microphone," he added.

Through practicing his passion, Aine has registered a number of achievements and he hopes for the very best in years to come.

"I earn money. I've interacted with many big guys. I have grown my social capital but most importantly, this vocation has seen me improve my confidence and self esteem."


He is poised to polishing his craft and building a brand like the household names in Uganda's entertainment industry today. He is also determined to achieve his academic goal, a degree in Information Technology.