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KIU Explorer of the Day: We can make South Sudan better if we come together - President KIUSSSA


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - Having been in power for now more than two years due to the unprecedented COVID-19 lockdown, the President of the KIU South Sudanese Students Association (KIUSSSA) and his board are seeking to transfer power to a team that will lead the association in the next one year.

President Aleu Kon Kon disclosed that he and his team have been conducting mass registration of all KIU students that were either born or registered in South Sudan since 17th January 2022. He said that this registration exercise set to end on 31st January 2022 is intended to establish the number of students who are South Sudanese nationals.

'We hope the registration strategy will enable us to establish the number of active students from South Sudan,' he said.

''It will also help us in organizing a free and fair election come February because we shall have established the number of potential voters,'' he added.

Despite starting the registration process a week ago, the number of students who have so far registered with the association according to Kon Kon is still lesser than expected. It is upon this that he reminded those that are yet to register to embrace the spirit of unity and association.

‘'Our association seeks to create unity among students from South Sudan. It is the only forum where we students are able to share different ideas about life in a foreign country and most importantly, life in Sudan. We can make South Sudan better if we come together,'' he noted.

Since assuming presidency in October 2019, Aleu Kon Kon has been a key uniting figure in the South Sudan family at KIU. He registered KIUSSSA in the South Sudanese Students Union Uganda, a national body that unites all South Sudanese studying in Uganda.

Kon Kon will also be credited for leading his team in the 2020 Inter - Cultural Gala Festival, an annual event that brings together a variety of cultural activities that include music dance and drama at KIU.

However, apart from being forced to serve for long, Kon Kon’s regime has suffered a number of many other challenges, all drawing their roots from COVID-19 and its immediate effects.

From forcing some members of the association to drop out to cancellation of popular events like the South Sudanese ‘Fresher’s party’ and ‘the Graduates party’ among others, the effects of COVID-19 have proved a great hindrance to not only his regime's plans but also the overall organization of KIUSSSA.