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KIU Explorer of the Week: “KIU Provided the Global Perspective I Sought” – Deogratias Morani


KIU, Western Campus – Deogratias Likele Morani, a second-year Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering student at KIU Western Campus, says he joined KIU because of its comprehensive curriculum which provides a global perspective.

And he says the university has met all his expectations because it offers a comprehensive and practical curriculum, excellent facilities and a diverse academic community. 

“I joined KIU to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering because of its renowned engineering program, which offers a comprehensive curriculum and practical application,” he says.

“I aspired to study abroad in countries like India, the USA and Nigeria but KIU's engagement with international professors provided the global perspective I sought,” he adds.

He is full of praise for KIU's state-of-the-art laboratories and diverse academic community which offers an excellent environment for practical learning and cultural exchange, which he says aligns perfectly with his career goals.

Morani reiterates that he intends to utilize the knowledge he gains from KIU to address some of the challenging situations within his community and across Africa.

“My passion lies in leveraging my expertise to contribute to the development of a strong and empowered community, where every youth has the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the world,” he explains.

It is for this reason that he co-founded S-TARTEX Group, a non-profit organization offering hands-on training programs aimed at driving transformation throughout Africa by offering skill development and fostering innovation. 

Morani advises anyone who wants to get quality university education to join KIU because it has reputable programs, international exposure, prioritizes practical learning with modern facilities, and values a diverse academic community.

He reveals that he has faced some challenges throughout his university education like financial constraints, balancing studies and personal life, adapting to new learning methods, managing time effectively, dealing with homesickness, handling technical challenges, and integrating into a diverse academic community.

He appreciates his mother, Martine Ebanga, Uncle Fred Toskine Cherkut who pays his tuition, Uncle Patrick Cherkut, his brother Splendid Onyeka, his sister Hope Cemutai and Aunt Betty for their contribution to his academic journey.