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KIU Explorer of the Week: John Tendo Senkaaba Wants to Use AMSKIU Leadership as Platform to Serve People


KIU, Western Campus – John Tendo Senkaaba was elected Association of Medical Students of KIU (AMSKIU) president on January 25 and he says he wants to use the position as a platform to serve many more people.

The fourth-year Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery student also says the AMSKIU presidency is a door of endless opportunities for him to fulfill his potential and he thanks the Lord for his victory.

“This victory means that I have the platform to serve many more people. To engage with people from different circles that I ordinarily would not have met and go to places that I may not have gone to,” Tendo says.

“My victory is a demonstration of God’s hand in my life. It showed that leadership comes from God and that he does not need the usual means of human beings to fulfill his will,” he adds.

He credits his character and ability to be a good public speaker for being able to help him sail through. He says he has been described to be humble, friendly and hardworking and it’s these traits that affirmed the support from those who knew him and that also drew others that didn't.

He promises to serve AMSKIU with dedication and passion and to establish teamwork with the Executive Board and Council as well as follow the constitution.

“Transparency and accountability to the student body will be very important especially if we are to earn their trust. The AMSKIU constitution will be my guide for it elaborates quite well how we should work,” he notes.

Tendo has some leadership experience as he has served as a class representative, projects coordinator for Baganda Nkobazambogo Students’ Association and Chairperson of the organizing committee for the AMSKIU White Coat Ceremony 2023.

He says by the end of his first 100 days in leadership, he wants to have established a functional AMKSIU Executive, Council and Board, guided AMSKIU to winning the FUMSA National quiz, addressed any matters of importance raised by the students, hold an online seminar for counseling and carry out mobilization of the AMSKIU subscription.

At the end of his term, he wants to be remembered as a dedicated and hardworking president who did his best to make AMSKIU shine and someone who served passionately with the interests of others before his own.