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KIU Explorer of the Week: Lindah Ainembabazi Hopes to Make a Difference in the Field of Medicine


KIU, Western Campus – Lindah Ainembabazi, a third-year Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery student at KIU Western Campus, says she wants to make a difference in the field of medicine once she completes her studies.

She also says she intends to use her leadership abilities to drive positive change and improve the health care system through leading medical teams during emergencies and advocating for patient care policies as well as spearheading community health initiatives.

“After completing my studies at KIU, I intend to leverage the knowledge and skills I have acquired to make a meaningful difference in the field of medicine,” she says.

“I aspire to provide compassionate and high quality medical care to those in need whether it’s through working in underserved communities, conducting research to advance medical knowledge or advocating for public health initiatives,” she adds.

Ainembabazi is counting on her leadership experience to help her achieve all this as she has served in various capacities during her time as a student at KIU.

“I have been a class president, a treasurer of the Association of Medical Students of KIU (AMSKIU), a director of SCORA( Standing Committee on Reproductive Health and Rights) under FUMSA (Federation of Uganda Medical Students Associations),” she reveals.

Apart from having an opportunity to serve as a leader, Ainembabazi hails KIU for offering her an opportunity to achieve her dream of becoming a medical doctor.

“The quality of education at KIU is top-notch, with dedicated and skilled lecturers. The university’s practical-based way of teaching that favors every student has contributed a lot to me,” she notes.

“Additionally, the university offers numerous opportunities to explore complementary skills apart from academics such as leadership and co-curricular activities,” she adds.

Ainembabzi says she has many memories at KIU like participating in different elections, representing the university in the FUMSA medical quiz that took place in Mbarara in February 2023, participating in different co-curricular activities like sports and cultural galas and participating in different clubs like the 03 Plus club.

 She is grateful to her parents who have walked with her for her whole academic life by paying her tuition in time and for their unwavering encouragement and belief in her abilities.