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KIU Explorer of the Week: Nicholas Bogere Wants to Transform Bughendera Constituency as MP


KIU, Western Campus – Nicholas Bogere, a final-year Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery student at KIU Western Campus says he wants to contest for the position of Member of Parliament (MP) for Bughendera constituency in Bundibugyo district.

Mr Nicholas, who is also the current president of the Bundibugyo Students Association of KIU says he wants to transform his constituency through a raft of developmental measures he has in store for his people.

“I will empower the youth, build special community service delivery structures that will lead to socio-economic transformations and embrace peace, coexistence, unity and talent development,” Bogere told this website.

“In a special way, I will transform the education status and improve the health services of our community,” he added.

Bogere reveals that he is inspired by Moses of the Bible because he stood up and said “Enough is enough” to the oppression of his people by the Pharaoh and his government.

He has gone through quite a lot in his life, coming from a very poor family and losing his father before he was born but he has managed to make it thus far despite all the social and economic challenges he has faced.

Apart from being the president of the Bundibuyo Students Association of KIU, Bogere is also the founder of Bogere Dream Foundation and the CEO of Generation Media as well as a church leader and community youth groups.

His desire to be a leader that counts is what is compelling him to stand up and act on behalf of his constituents, who he believes are getting a raw deal for the trust they have put in their leaders.

“There is a need for a voice to speak for the youth of Bughendera and the unreasonable inequality in the distribution of services in the district,” he notes.

He acknowledges the role KIU has played in the education sector and he reveals that the majority of the scientists in the Bundibugyo community have studied from and been groomed by KIU.