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KIU Gospel Music Star Jay Emmanuel Winning Souls for Christ Through his Music


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - Like all students, Emmanuel Lubaale alias Jay Emmanuel joined KIU in pursuit of an academic dream - a degree in Environmental Sciences - but the University offered him a lot more.

The second-year Environmental Sciences student discovered his God-given talent of singing after joining Uganda's leading private university in 2019.

He chose to sing gospel music in 2020 under the record label Grace Reign Music so that he could inspire the youth to love Christ. He has so far recorded three songs – muzemunda, akyuusa and mulyato.

"I sing majorly to inspire the youth and win their souls for Christ," says Jay Emmanuel.

Inspired by Pastor Wilson Bugembe, one of Uganda's leading gospel artistes, Jay Emmanuel, like several other musicians, is facing the wrath of COVID-19. 

He says he can only market his music through social media and affordable broadcast media.

"I promote my music through my social media handles like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok,” he discloses. 

“l also go for TV and radio interviews, music challenges among others," he adds.

He says before the lockdown, he used to go for association parties at Kampala International University, and the fresher’s ball as a fundamental promotion strategy.

Despite only starting a year ago and during the peak of uncertainty caused by COVID-19, Jay Emmanuel has already started harvesting fruits from his project.

"Before even I go far, God has connected me to so many friends including my inspiration Pastor Wilson Bugembe," he states.

Like Pastor Bugembe, Jay Emmanuel intends to make good use of the dividends he gets from music and look after the less privileged.

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