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KIU Graduates dominate the first-class list in the LDC 2020/2021 bar course Provisional Results


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU Main Campus-Fahad Kyazze, Manzi Mark and Jovia Mukisa, all senior members of the KIU Forum for Ideas (FFI) and former students at the KIU school of law, are among the excellent 32 students who have scored a distinction (first-class) according to the provisional bar course results for the 2020/2021 academic year released on 20th May 2022 by the office of the academic registrar, Uganda Law Development Center, Kampala Campus.

There are also several other KIU Alumni with second class and none in the pass category and the number could increase by the time a final list is released. KIU is taking to the helm of legal studies in Uganda and it is increasingly becoming unstoppable having produced Martin Gidongo as the best student at LDC last year.

The first-class trio, Mark Manzi, Fahad Kyazze and Jovia Mukisa were also the best in their class and year at KIU law school. They have displayed absolute academic dexterity from the beginning but being members of Forum for Ideas, they believe it made them better.

"These were the best students in their class and they graduated at the top of their class, LDC just confirmed that. That's the set of people who largely benefited from FFI, you can see their trend," Kareem Abdul Azeez a former lecturer at KIU school of law and founding patron for Forum for ideas told this website in a virtual interview.

"These individuals, Mark, Fahad, Sonia, Grace, and Suzan are part of the team with whom we started FFI, they knew the secret, it's about sacrifice, teamwork and prioritising. You can see the trend, even those that graduated with second class are of getting first-class at LDC. They were prepared from the university and they wanted to protect KIU's name," he added.

Forum for ideas is KIU's lead students' think tank whose main objective is to promote academic excellence amongst members and they have been able to prove it over the years. The outstanding performance of Manzi Mark, Fahad Kyazze, Jovia Mukisa and Grace Awili speaks much more volumes about what Forum for ideas is known for.

 "I am feeling so good, the LDC provisional results have only proved that FFI is indeed a family of intellectuals. All glory honor & adoration goes back to God who has seen all of us through," Susan Namboozo, former principal coordinator Forum for ideas said upon confirming her name on the list.

"The Forum shaped me a lot, I learnt about sharing, teamwork and being in a position to learn something every time," added another LDC candidate, Sonia Akanyijakye.

KIU continues to blossom everywhere and in all academic spheres and there is incredible evidence that Uganda's leading Private University is aiming for the very best.

Congratulations to all our LDC candidates.