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KIU Guild President, Moses Ebye Optimistic as he looks at the New Year


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus-KIU’s most supreme student, Guild president Moses Ebye is optimistic that he will eventually deliver all his manifesto in 2023. He said that a number of activities including interfaculty games and the much anticipated cultural gala have been lined up for this semester, his last as Guild president.

Disruptions caused by COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021 forced the University to stretch the academic timetable in 2022 hence limiting the number of student’s activities that are mostly organized by the Guild Union. Now that it is a brand New Year, Ebye is hopeful that his cabinet will find time and space to organise activities as planned in their manifesto and Guild Constitution.

‘’We could not organise many of our activities last year because the University program was quite very tight because we were trying to catch up with time lost as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown,’’ he noted.

‘’Now that there is some relief, we hope a number of activities will take place this semester,’’ he added.

It is now seven months since President Ebye and Co assumed office, taking over from Jacob Musiimenta and there is nothing big to show for his reign though he remains adamant that 2023 is particularly his year to turn everything around.

‘’It is true, last year was quite challenging for us but with many of our activities scheduled for this semester. I believe we are still on track to delivering what we promised,’’ he said.

‘’It is actually a busy semester and almost 60 percent of all guild activities are scheduled to take place between January and April and if all goes well, we shall be able to end our term with success,’’ he noted.

Ebye added that all of his team is still focused on delivering what they promised to the electorates despite the limitations in the first half of their reign. He said that they are still committed to representing and fronting students’ views and woes before the University administration. 

‘’We Know that we must put students' interests first and that’s what we have been doing and continue to do in our term as students’ leaders, ’he said.

Despite the challenges faced, Ebye admitted that the first seven months as Guild President of KIU have been friendly. He urged students to focus on the most important things in 2023 and endeavor to make it a special year.

I urge all students to focus on the right and most important things in this year and of course continue supporting us as we look to bring the best to you. Let us make this year, a year of UN usual things,’’ he advised.

Also among the activities, the guild union intends to organise this semester is the Mr. and Mrs. KIU contest, an event that was last organised in 2017. However, the dates when these activities will take place are yet to be disclosed and according to President Ebye, everything is subject to approval by the Guild Union Parliament and the University administration.