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KIU Guild Union PM Joshua Ashaba Wants To Become President of Uganda Some Day


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus: While Joshua Ashaba currently serves as the prime minister of the 19th Guild Union government at KIU, his ambitions extend far beyond. He has openly expressed his aspiration to pursue the presidency of Uganda in the future.

As a fourth-year law student, Ashaba believes he has all it takes to rise through the political ranks and realize his lifelong dream of becoming commander in chief of Uganda's armed forces.

"I am working towards achieving my biggest dream. I am doing everything, especially in politics, with the hope that one day I will be the commander in chief of the armed forces of Uganda," he disclosed.

"I am very confident that my dream will come true," he added.

Apart from being a prime minister and member of parliament in the KIU Guild Union, Ashaba is also a member of so many highly reputable youth organizations in Uganda and Africa.

He is the reigning spokesperson for the African Union Youth Senate, a member of the East African Youth League, and a proud member of the ruling National Resistance Movement party.

He hopes his membership in various political platforms will enable him to polish his craft of leadership, which he intends to take to a higher level after his degree.

"These platforms have given me more confidence and morale to pursue my dream. I am sure I will be a great leader in the near future," he said.

"I also want to thank KIU and the student community for giving me a chance to practice my passion both as an MP representing the school of law and a prime minister in the Guild Union," he added.

Ashaba's dream of becoming president of Uganda is motivated by his love for serving people.

"I love to serve people, and I have a lot that I would like to do for my country, which is only possible when I am president," he explained.

"The other thing is that I believe in possibilities. Look, I've been a leader in school; I am a prime minister here; why not at the national level? Why not more?" he added.

Ashaba and the rest of the current Guild leadership have only two months to conclude their term of office. One of their greatest achievements, he said, is justice for the students.

"We have discussed and come to an understanding with the administration on issues that we thought were just for the students. One of those issues was the punishment given to students caught doing wrong. We advocated for a fair hearing whenever the offenders face the university disciplinary committee," he explained.

Who is Joshua Ashaba?

Joshua Ashaba is a fourth-year student of law at KIU Main Campus. He was born in Isingiro district in western Uganda and is a proud member of the KIU Isingiro Students Association.

He went to Mbarara High School for his entire high school education before joining KIU to pursue a bachelor of laws in 2020.

Besides politics, Ashaba is a devoted Christian, a sportsman, and a music enthusiast.