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KIU Internship Series: "Navigating Challenges: Joshua Kamanyire's Internship Journey Filled with Valuable Lessons"


By Agnes Kiconco

KIU MAIN CAMPUS- With change and new experiences, challenges follow. Joshua Kamanyire a third-year student at Kampala International University pursuing a Bachelors in Social Work and Administration was not spared from this norm.

Excited to embark on a new life experience in the workforce during his internship period, Kamanyire was bombarded with a series of challenges.

"I incurred high costs of transportation to the place of internship. Adopting to the new environment wasn't easy," he revealed.

From juggling high transport costs incurred to travel to and from work, and a challenging work environment, Kamanyire soared above all odds to make the best out of his internship experience.

While at Kabaroke District Local Government for his internship, Kamanyire decided to maneuver through these challenges to reap the best out of this much sought-after internship opportunity.

After deciding to focus on what really mattered most, Kamanyire testified that his internship turned out surprisingly interesting.

"I learnt the practical applicability of social work skills, values and guidance in the field. I was privileged to interact with different people and NGO'S and attended workshops. It was a marvelous experience," narrated an overjoyed Kamanyire.

"While in the field I added organizational skills, presentations and public speaking. They also gave me a chance to present using power point in the workshop. More to all this, I learnt how youths can benefit from government programs such as Parish Development Model and youthlivelyhood," he added.

Having finished this challenging yet highly beneficial internship period, Kamanyire looks forward to putting more effort into improving his Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) and doing extensive research on social work and its practice.