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KIU Journalism Students Shine in 2023 MCI Mobile Newsroom Auditions with Exceptional Potential


By Isaac Akugizibwe and Agnes Kiconco

KIU Main Campus- Students of Mass Communication displayed great skills in news anchoring, reporting, radio, and Television presentation on Thursday, August 24th, 2023, during the final day of the Mobile Newsroom auditions conducted by the Media Challenge Initiative (MCI).

The Media Challenge Initiative is a leading youth media nonprofit organization aimed at equipping journalism students with practical skills in the journalism profession. The auditions kicked off with a two-day intensive multimedia training on Tuesday and Wednesday before closing with an epic showpiece in which students were given a chance to face the cameras and showcase their skills.

The mobile newsroom auditions include among others, news anchoring, one minute of fame (Television presentation), radio hosting, and presentation.

During the auditions, the MCI team constituted a panel of judges whose main role was to guide the talents after each individual presentation. This panel awarded marks upon which the Media and journalism department will depend to choose the team to represent KIU at the Annual National Newsroom Contest.

Ali Kakembo, the head of Radio at MCI, highlighted the importance of the auditions and the overall multimedia training.

"MCI mobile journalism auditions bring journalism students closer to the heartbeat of real stories, transforming their learning journey into a dynamic practical experience," he said.

The head of the department, Journalism and Media Studies Ms.Maureen Komugisha was at the center stage of ensuring that this training as well as the auditions were a success. She began mobilising the students about a month ago and indeed her commitment is paying with quite a big turnup since day one.

"Training our journalism students on different media activities is crucial because it equips them with a versatile skill set that matches the evolving landscape of media, Ms. Komugisha said of her commitment.

"This diverse training prepares them to excel in various platforms such as print, broadcast, online, and social media, enhancing their adaptability and employability in the ever-changing media industry," she added.

It is important to note that KIU is the defending champion of the National Newsroom Contest having emerged overall winners in last year's epic competition.

The Mobile Newsroom is at the center of the Media Challenge's strategic vision of building the next generation of journalists (#nextgenjournalists) who are not only multi-skilled but also critical participants as change agents in transforming their communities and altering the negative African narrative.

Photo Credit: Media Challenge Initiative