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KIU SAHS Department of Public Health Concludes 2-Day Seminar for Public Health Graduates


KIU, Western Campus – The Department of Public Health, under the School of Allied Health Sciences (SAHS) has today November 25 concluded a 2-day seminar for public health graduates, aimed at giving them exposure to a variety of public health topics, issues and skills needed to be a successful public health practitioner.

The seminar, which was held in the Post-graduate Seminar Room, was facilitated by the Dean SAHS, Solomon Mbina, Dr. Daniel Salihu, the Head of Department Public Health, and doctors Moazzam and Tamale.

The seminar was held in line with the mission of SAHS, which is to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare for all people of Uganda and the world, through exemplary teaching, innovative research and patient-centered clinical practice.

Dr. Salihu stressed the need for a student-driven approach to better understand the principles of public health.

“Instead of delivering lectures, we encouraged the students to prepare seminars on topics of public health importance, based on the guidelines provided by the lecturers, and present them to their peers. The lecturers were only present to guide and supervise the students,” he said.

“In order to make the training in public health learning more meaningful and interesting, we tried a student-led seminar approach for selected topics taught in the public health department,” Dr. Salihu added.

Student-led learning approaches are very important because students are encouraged to incorporate their own interests into projects, within a set of broad guidelines, which can produce very good results.

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