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KIU student Hakim Owinyi Seeks To Address Climate Change Through Volunteer Leadership and Renewable Energy


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - Hakim Owinyi a student of Public Administration at KIU who also doubles as an environmentalist and climate change activist, is walking the talk of saving nature through volunteer leadership. He says this is the only way the problem of climate change can be addressed.

Owinyi recently held a dialogue at the American Center in Kabalagala under the theme: Leadership and Partnership for Renewable Energy. This dialogue was attended by experts in energy from the Ministry of Energy and the US Mission in Uganda as well as students from top Universities in Uganda. In his submission, Owinyi called upon everyone to play their part in combating the problem of Climate change.

"Climate change affects us all and no one else can help tackle it if all of us don't stand out. We the young people have a lot we can do to help overcome the issue of climate change. Let it become our responsibility at an individual level," he said.

Owinyi said that Uganda and the rest of the World should consider a volunteer leadership structure if they are to develop a sustainable fight against Climate change and its effects.

He also said that it's time for the youth to lead their various households into transforming domestic waste into renewal and sustainable energy.

"We can harness our own renewable energy from food waste, agricultural waste as well as animal droppings. This energy is sustainable, affordable, and inclusive," he noted.

Owinyi is planning to open up a blog where young people can share ideas and views on renewable energy, environmental conservation, and climate change.

His initiatives in environmental conservation and volunteer leadership have seen him earn induction into the Mandela Washington Fellowship 2021, under Public Management Track at Arizona State University.

He is also a student at Africa Civic Engagement Academy at Georgia State University.