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KIU Students Expect a Return of Full Campus life as the new Academic year Officially kicks off


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus-Today, Monday 10th January 2022 is a historical day in Uganda. It is the first time in the Country's history that schools are opening as early as fifteen days after Christmas. At KIU, serious business also begins today, just a week after the University opened for the new academic year.

Having arrived and resettled in their various hostels last week, students have started turning for lectures in big numbers. Almost every lecture room has had some learning business taking place since 9: am today. This will be the trend for the next four months if the situation remains the same in the country.

Face to face interactions between lecturers and students will take 14 weeks effective today excluding the four weeks of tests and examinations as speculated by the year-long circular released by the vice-chancellor last week.

However, students' expectations for the semester are beyond academic circles with the majority looking forward to exploring the proverbial Campus life having missed out on the fun for the last two years due to COVID-19 and its Implications."

I want to do my best this semester since it is predominantly physical but most importantly am looking forward to testing the real Campus life," Solomon O'mara a second-year student of Education told KIUNEWS on Monday.

Ambrose Akweka also a student of Education said that he is determined to excel this semester since there won't be excuses like poor network, limited data or low battery as experienced during online lectures last year.

"I am planning to utilise the University library effectively and also attend lectures to get excellent marks this semester," Akweka said.

Shoki Salim from the college of economics and management said that he only expects to enjoy what he never enjoyed in the first two years at KIU. He is optimistic that the situation will allow the return of fun-filled activities like the fresher's ball, cultural gala and a variety of sporting events that used to define campus life.

"Campus has been boring without fun. I expect activities like fresher's ball, cultural gala, college debates, games and music to return, that's all I want to see," Shoki said.

Unlike others,Amphlet Aheereza a second-year student of Social work and social administration thinks it is not proper to carry a mamoth of expectations in one's mind when COVID-19 cases are still surging about. She advised fellow students to be extra cautious with the ministry of health guidelines and standard operating procedures against the spread of COVID-19.

True to Aheereza's advice, KIU continues to spearhead the fight against the spread of COVID-19 with strict measures for everyone who accesses the Campus premises. Wearing a face mask and washing of hands are the ultimate prerequisite to access the University while different personel have been deployed everywhere around campus to ensure that students and staff do not violate the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS).