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KIU Students Resort to Online Debate to Keep the Intellectual Candle Burning


KIU, Western Campus – Students at the Western Campus have taken to online debating to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on life as we know it.

The online debate platform, dubbed “Timeless Mission Debate Virtual Auditorium,” gives students from the Western Campus a stage to debate with their peers from the Main Campus, Makerere University, Uganda Christian University, Kyambogo and Bishop Stuart University.

Some of the themes that have been discussed so far include "the approach used by the government to close public gatherings" and "granting freedom to death row victims who participate in COVID-19 clinical trials."

Patrick Asaba, the President of Timeless Mission said their main aim is to sensitise the public about different dimensions of the pandemic so that they can prepare to face the unexpected.

“The masses should know what is next, and how the pandemic will affect the world. We should make people know what to expect, so that if it happens, they should not be caught unawares,” Asaba shared.

According to the Deputy Public Relations Officer of the KIU Western Campus, Collins Kakwezi, the initiative is commendable given the ongoing state of affairs. 

"Our students are keeping the candle of intellectual curiousity burning despite the lockdown. Initiatives like this encourage resilience as students continue the quest for multi-faceted knowledge that cuts across disciplines outside their area of competence," he said. 


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