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KIU Tax Justice Club poised for the best in today's Inter-University Debate Semi’s


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus- Team KIU will look to take their impressive performance in this year's inter-university championship to another level this afternoon in the first round of the semifinals. The explorers will be live on civic space television from 2 pm EAT.

Titus Ogutu, Joanitah Ngabirano, Jonathan Areeba and Marion Akankwasa make up a four-member team that has been proudly representing Uganda's leading Private University in this competition.

The team leader, Titus Ogutu who also doubles as the club president, affirmed that the team is well prepared to excel and progress to the finals.

"The team is all ready for the task, we shall be handling Gender equality and basically, our discussion shall be on whether Uganda has attained gender equality or not," he said

"As team KIU, our standpoint is that "gender equality is a right and not a privilege”, it’s an issue of both the female and male," he added.

"We hope the KIU community and Ugandans can relate with us and also devise means to see and understand that gender equality calls for diversity in all sectors of life socially, culturally, economically and politically," Ogutu said.

Ogutu also acknowledged the provision of sustainable development goal number five which recognises all genders.

 "What needs to be understood most is mindset change, starting with our parents, friends, brothers, sisters and political leaders," he explained.

The KIU Tax Justice club chief appreciated the University's unbeatable contribution toward promoting gender equality and equity. He called upon the rest of Uganda to learn from KIU's example.

 "However, we also recognise the various steps that KIU has done to empower the girl child without discriminating the boys as well as we noted," he said.

The best teams from today's semifinals will progress to the final round which has been scheduled for 16th June 2022. The finals unlike, the other stages will be physically held at Arch Apartments in Ntinda.