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KIU Teaching Hospital Certified by Ministry of Health to do Safe Male Circumcision


KIU, Western Campus – KIU Teaching Hospital has been certified by The Ministry of Health as a site for doing male circumcision on February 21.

The Ministry of Health has the mandate to certify circumcision sites and KIU Teaching Hospital was certified with 100% pass for a year, according to the Public Relations Officer of the hospital, Isma Bagaga.

“The first time we applied to the ministry to be certified but we failed. Now this time round, we implemented the things the ministry advised us to and we have finally been certified,” Bagaga said.

The ministry has a checklist which they use to determine certification and they consider Human Resource and leadership, equipment, supply of medicine, clientele management, procedures of infection prevention and control and Management and Evaluation methods.

The ongoing circumcision drive is funded by the Uganda Protestant Medical Board (UPMB) and the hospital has a target of circumcising 1,000 people within a year.

However, according to Bagaga, they are well within the target because since November 2021, when the exrcise started, they have so far circumcised 668 men.

He added that they are looking forward to being offered more projects by UPMB after the current one is finished.

“We are looking at getting more projects from UPMB because of the mobilization we have done, which UPMB has applauded us for,” he said.

Photo: KIU Teaching Hospital