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KIU Titans beat Namuwongo blazers and KCCA Panthers to Round up A perfect Weekend


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU Main Campus - KIU Titans who are now second on the NBL men's table are in perfect form and on Sunday 7th May 2023, they stretched their winning run to eight games in a row after beating KCCA Panthers 84-71 at YMCA court in Wandegeya, just a day after overcoming Namuwongo blazers.

The Titans'only loss came on the opening day at the hands of defending champions, City Oilers but ever since, this team has been greatly improving and their head coach Julius Lutwama maintains, it is a work in progress.

"Eight in eight after losing the first game to the defending champions; it feels better after throwing the first game but it we a work in progress, every day we get better. By the time the season is about to end, we will know where we want to be," Lutwama said after the KCCA game on Sunday.

Innocent Ochera was arguably the team's standout player over the two games, scoring 19 points against the Namuwongo Blazers and 16 against the KCCA Panthers though vice-captain Stanley Mugerwa and Captain Joseph Chuma were voted player of the game respectively.

"We were just calm. Staying in character, realizing where the hot hand is, respecting and appreciating it, and making sure it gets us what we needed," KIU Titans Coach Julius Lutwama said on Friday.

"If you look at Innocent Ochera, he has not been playing well in other games but in this particular game, you realize that he had a hot hand and what we have as Titans is that when we realize the hot hand, we use it. If you look at the statistics you realize that he was the player that was overstretched by points."

"If we realize that someone has a hot hand, we go to him all day and all night and the team just did it for him, that's why we were able to scoop that great win," he added in recognition of Ochera's contribution.

Much as all the games were important for the Titans', the fans were over-excited by Friday's victory over the noisy neighbors whom they have since silenced on social media claiming that," KIU Titans is the basketball elephant in this zone,".

The Titans finished fourth last season and have made it clear that they are going for the championship this season. With their impressive performance so far, there is a great possibility, they can challenge for the top spot in NBL this year.