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KIU to Hold Workshops on Research Assessment for Employment and Promotion


By Stuart Bogere Oswald

Kampala International University through the Directorate of Research Innovation Consultancy and Extension in conjunction with the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment, DORA, is set to hold a workshop on Employment and Promotion.

The two workshops that will take place on Tuesday, 31st May 2022 and Thursday, 16th June 2022 10am at KIU Library (IBML) Main Campus and DHDR Conference Room Western Campus respectively.

The workshop is sponsored under DORA Community Engagement Grant which aims at supporting academic assessment reform.

DORA is a Declaration on Research Assessment that recognizes the need to improve the ways in which researchers and the outputs of scholarly research are evaluated.

It is a worldwide initiative covering all scholarly disciplines and all key stakeholders including funders, publishers, professional societies, institutions, and researchers. It encourages all individuals and organizations who are interested in developing and promoting best practice in the assessment of scholarly research to sign DORA.

About DORA Community Engagement Grant

The DORA Community Engagement Grant was set up because of the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment since its release in 2013. The community engagement grants program was to build on the momentum of the declaration and provide resources to advance fair and responsible academic assessment. The program sought to support a broad range of ideas to promote assessment reform at academic institutions, including raising awareness of the need for change, developing new policies or practices, providing training to evaluators on practical strategies for responsible academic assessment, offering practical guidance to job applicants, and more