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KIU Together: How Lecturers are Making Sure that 'No Student is Left Behind'


KIU, Main Campus – On Monday, President Yoweri Museveni extended the “great lockdown” for an extra two weeks as the government continues to evaluate the country's COVID-19 situation. 

Over the previous 45 days of the lockdown, much emphasis was put on how to migrate the student learning experience to virtual platforms. In effect, our editorial team has focused primarily on asking students how they are coping with the lockdown. However, we haven’t really checked up on our lecturers. 


For this piece, we reached out to some of our lectures to know how they are coping with the lockdown and engaging their students.


Mr. Bernard Chuma, a lecturer of Information Communication Technology says he’s using the lockdown period to conduct research which he will share with his students after the lockdown.


“We provided notes to students using the KIU e-Learning platform, whose links we shared in their WhatsApp groups for each course unit. I also gave them assignments every after two weeks so that they get enough time to access the internet,” Chuma offered.


Joan Owade, the Head of Department Journalism and Media studies at KIU, says that things are not moving on as usual but we are mainly engaging students via WhatsApp groups created to facilitate their learning and e-learning methods.


“Although we have received some concerns about the ability of some of our students to get online, we are making sure that no student is left behind and we will make sure that eventually, all students are brought up to speed with their peers,” she said.

Owade encouraged students to use this time to develop new skills and keep the country in their prayers. 


Elias Batume a lecturer of psychology and communication skills at KIU western campus revealed to us that he engages students daily using the WhatsApp groups.


“Most of the times students contact me for guidance on things that we learn and I am always happy to help them because in the end, I have to make sure that they understand what they are learning,” he shared.