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KIU Together: Kamahoro Encourages Health Workers on COVID-19 Frontline to “Keep the Candle Burning”


KIU, Western Campus – Sister Elizabeth Kamahoro, the Principal Nursing Officer for KIU Teaching Hospital has encouraged health workers, especially fellow nurses on the frontline of the fight against COVID-19, to keep the “candle burning” and “pass on the light”.

A pivotal member of the hospital and district COVID-19 taskforces, Kamahoro called health workers’ participation in controlling the spread of the pandemic “their calling.”

“I encourage my fellow nurses and other health workers to keep the candle burning and pass on the light.  I also encourage them to face the pandemic with courage,” Kamahoro said.

“Uganda has so far not registered any death related to COVID-19, and we have to continue making sure that infection numbers stay as low as possible while also preventing deaths,” she added.

Apart from heading the Nursing department at the hospital, Kamahoro makes sure all duty stations are covered despite the hard times brought about by the pandemic. She also liaises with the hospital for supplies like protective gear, attends meetings for the district COVID-19 taskforce, where they discuss the existing situation, the plans for the district’s approach to the pandemic, the challenges faced and how best to address them.

Kamahoro also has to make sure that there is adequate disinfectant within the entire hospital and that the infection control procedures are followed.

Health education on both the Coronavirus and other health conditions has been a constant fixture on Kamahoro’s agenda.

“I have noticed that whereas Uganda has not yet registered any COVID-19 related deaths, others like maternal and malaria deaths are increasing,” she said.

“So, I have made efforts to encourage health education to patients within wards and to give as much attention to other health issues as we are giving to COVID-19,” she added.

Kamahoro was appointed the PNO of KIU Teaching Hospital in July 2017, and with over 15 years’ experience in the Nursing field, it is not surprising that she has been entrusted with coordinating some of the most critical activities on the hospital and district COVID-19 taskforces.


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