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KIU Western Campus Bids Farewell to April 2022 Batch of Nigerian TAC Volunteers


KIU, Western Campus – The Federal Republic of Nigeria-sponsored Technical Aid Corps (TAC) volunteers that have been serving at KIU Western Campus since April 2022 were yesterday, 8th April 2024, bade farewell to by the University Management in an event held at the University Boardroom.

The TAC volunteers are a group of highly skilled Nigerians who volunteer to serve in developing countries for two years to assist in filling gaps in these countries’ manpower needs.

The University Management was represented by the DVC, KIU Western Campus, Assoc. Prof. Eric Mabonga, and the Assistant Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Ibrahim Babangida. The outgoing TAC Volunteers will be hosted by and awarded certificates by the Management at Main Campus Kampala on Saturday, 13th April, 2024.

Assoc. Prof Mabonga thanked the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the volunteers for having contributed their expertise to the benefit of Uganda.

”On behalf of KIU Western Campus, I thank the Federal Republic of Nigeria and each one of you for your commitment and productivity. It is because of this that Uganda was able to benefit from the resources of your country,” he said.

“I appreciate those of you who have supervised Master’s and PhD students. You have done a good job and I wish you all the best in the future,” he added.

Some of the volunteers had served as Directors in the Postgraduate School and Deans of different faculties and schools during their 2-year tenure here.

Dr. Babangida also thanked the volunteers and told them their impact had been felt and their effort was highly appreciated.

“Your impact rates highly and has been felt especially in the postgraduate department. It is good that the TAC scheme is ongoing and KIU has benefitted immensely from it,” he remarked.

“We thank you for being good citizens and representatives of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and we are confident that you will speak highly of KIU,” he added.

The Directorate of Technical Aid Corps in Nigeria is responsible for the mobilization and deployment of volunteers to African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries.