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KIU Western Campus Guild President Matovu Seeking to Strengthen Ties Amongst University Community


KIU, Western Campus – Douglas Matovu, the newly-elected president of the KIU Western Campus Guild council says he wants to unite the university’s community.

The Bachelor’s of Pharmacy student, who says he has been a leader right from Primary school, secondary school, right to university is confident of achieving this along many other targets.

“Because of the passion for leadership and serving the students’ body, having served at different levels from primary and secondary school, my aim is bridging the gap between students and administrators, the University and the community plus different stake holders,” Matovu says.

Matovu, who says he wants to be remembered as a leader for all people, says he is honoured by the responsibility entrusted to him and he promises to deliver on all his campaign pledges.

“As a leader, I look forward to implement the various activities organized by the guild union for example, medical camps to different regions in the country, inter-faculty sports, cultural association activities, and the trade bazaar among others and also innovate new ideas that promote students’ free involvement and participation,” he reveals.

Matovu says he is grateful for the opportunity to study at KIU, which he labels “the best overall university in Uganda” and it’s on this basis that he advises his fellow students to put their studies first.

“I would like to encourage students to prioritize their academics in everything they do because being educated exposes us to knowledge that will always help us know how best to handle different situations in our community,” he notes.

“Education also exposes us to new friends and creates new experiences amongst students, moulding them into individuals who can relate with anyone personally or professionally,” he adds.

Matovu was sworn in as the Guild President for KIU Western Campus on April 19 in a colourful ceremony held at the campus’ Basketball Court.

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