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KIU Western Campus Students Hold “Porridge Night”


KIU Western Campus – KIU Western Campus students held porridge night on Friday March 31 at 7o7 Safaris in Ishaka town, to bring KIU students together and join Muslim students in breaking their fast.

The major activity there was eating porridge escorted by pop corn and the student body of KIU western campus turned up positively as it was big turn up, with over 300 students attending.

According to Collin Aine, the chief organizer of the event, managed to interact, get to know new people and make new friends.

“We enjoyed porridge, had popcorn, played games like truth or dare and danced to music till morning. People really had fun,” Aine told this website.

One attendant, Nicholas Ariho, hilariously praised the taste of the porridge as the key behind the taste of the porridge as the key to the success of the event.

“To be honest, I last took porridge in High School and I remember it was not one of my favourites but the taste of the porridge today was out of this world. I wouldn’t have stayed for long if it wasn’t for the porridge,” Ariho said.

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