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KIU-YYF Holds Final Stakeholder Briefing for the Youth Empowerment Project Dubbed ‘Ebizzibu Buggaga’

On March 31st, 2023, Kampala International University held the Final Stakeholder Briefing for the Kampala International University Yunus and You Foundation (KIU-YYF) Youth Empowerment Project themed 'Ebizzubu Buggaga' at Hotel Africana and Conference Center, Kampala.

‘Ebizzibu Buggaga’ (translated as ‘Problems are Wealth’) is a one-year pilot project aimed at addressing these social and environmental issues by creating massive sensitization, skilling, and support for Ugandan youths through building sustainable businesses.

The guest of honor and Member of Parliament representing the people of Bukoto Central, Hon.Richard Sebamala acknowledged the great role the KIU-YSBC is already doing in Uganda as a whole. He said that the initiatives inclusive approach is so far unheard of in the country especially when it comes to empowering the youth.

"I've been to Cavendish, I’ve been to Victoria University and so many others, I don't see all the youth there. Most of the youth are hanging out somewhere, they are not in high Education or did not continue, they are hanging around S.3, S.4, around there and the government is doing nothing about it, these people need the skills to survive or prosper, the Kampala International University Yunus Foundation Social Business Center is really doing a great job, reaching everywhere," he said.

He also said that the problem of youth unemployment is still rampant in Uganda a country marked as one with the largest young population in the world.

"Like all her East African counterparts, Uganda’s development progress continues to be constrained by the high unemployment rate. Uganda has been marked as one of the nations with the youngest population in the world, with a median age of 15 years, owing to a high population growth averaging 3.2% over the two past decades," he explained.

"Youth unemployment is estimated at 11%, about 5 percentage points higher than adult unemployment. The youth account for 78% of the total labor force but are largely in the informal sector which exacerbates vulnerability. "

"As a result, about 15% of the employed youth are categorized as working poor, 3% below the total national average. The youths are also the most affected by social and health challenges that they have out of desperacy termed ‘Ebizzibu’ translated in English as ‘Problems'," he said alluding to the concept, 'Ebizzibu Buggaga.'

Sebamala pledged to support innovation, skilling, and empowering of young people in Uganda. He also thanked KIU and the Yunus Foundation Social Business Center for inviting him

While delivering his keynote address, Mr. Tony Otoa, the Chief Executive Officer at Stanbic Business Incubator, applauded KIU-YY for coming up with this brilliant idea and advised the Youth to keep learning and gain new skills.

“Purpose flows with Excellence, excellent people don't need approval. We all have amazing gifts in our lives, keep learning, the day you stop learning is the day you stop leaving.” Tony Otao said

He adds that it is very important to understand that all that we have to do is make the world a better place, giving meaning to the people around us and creating impact.

“There has never been no situation where the candle has blown out because it has lit another candle, we need to brighten the world with more candles.” He says.

The Vice-Chancellor Professor Mouhammad Mpezamihigo who is also the program…….. appreciated the partners especially the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Professor Mohammed Yunus who came up with the idea of Social Business.

"We welcome you to KIU, come see what we do, the projects we are undertaking. You might also get interested in getting space there, some initiatives already have space and we still have more, so please feel free to come and collaborate with us," he said.

The hybrid event attracted Social Business enthusiasts, academics, partners among whom was the newly appointed University Chairperson KIU University Council Prof. Maud Kamatenesi Mugisha.

 Sessions were moderated by Mr.Dan Ayebare, the CEO of Aye Africa Foundation, and Project Manager KIU-YY



The Kampala International University Social Business Center (KIU-YSBC) was set up to sensitize, skill, and support youth-run social enterprises and to strengthen the social business ecosystem in Uganda through engaging several stakeholders.

The project is led by the Kampala International University’s Directorate of Research, Innovations, Consultancy, and Extensions (D-RICE) under the Centre for Innovation and Excellence and is based on the concept of Social Business developed by the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Professor Mohammed Yunus.

Social businesses have emerged as an effective way to address social needs through entrepreneurial opportunities. Organizations like Yunus Centre and Yunus Environment Hub are committed to financing and supporting businesses that aim to align purpose and profit to drive progress towards sustainable economic growth. However, there is a growing need to design and implement social business support programs to help future entrepreneurs tackle pressing social issues in Uganda through collaboration and innovation.