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KIU's Dominic Wagooli Wants to Impact young Teachers through his Education Management Craft


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus- Dominic Wagooli, an accomplished academic and former student leader at KIU, has demonstrated a deep passion for education and teaching throughout his journey. Having recently obtained a Master's degree in Education Management and Administration during KIU's 27th Graduation ceremony, Wagooli has set his sights on a higher academic pursuit a Ph.D. in Education.

With the knowledge and expertise acquired from KIU, Wagooli has a clear mission ahead—to inspire and shape the next generation of teachers. By dedicating his entire life to this age-old profession, which also happens to be his true passion, he aims to contribute significantly to the field of education and make a positive impact on the lives of students and educators alike.

Given his background in student leadership as the former Minister of Education in the KIU Guild Union, Wagooli has likely honed his leadership skills and gained valuable experience in the educational sphere. These experiences may serve as a solid foundation for his future endeavors as he embarks on the path towards a Ph.D. in Education.

"My next step is enrollment for Ph.D. in education. This is because I want to use the knowledge of education management to impact on the young generation of teachers through research to establish the constraints that exist in the education industry, for example, today out of 100 students in class not even two percent think of becoming teachers because of the belief that " teachers are poor," he explains.

 "And even those who opt for education do so because they have failed to fit in other disciplines or they are forced by their parents or sponsors to pursue education as a course, Something I believe should stop and this can only happen by empowering the existing teachers to act as role models to the learners they teach," he adds.

Despite being at KIU for all his University and working life so far, Wagooli feels like it is just the beginning. He has no idea of pursuing his Ph.D. elsewhere, for KIU is enjoyable.

"Being at KIU is awesome and enjoyable because, I can happily confirm that, in my whole time of study, it is at the University level that I have enjoyed the most and it is simply because I was at the leading Private University in Uganda."

"It is at KIU where I have explored all my potentials right from Year one, first semester as a class coordinator before becoming General secretary for the College of Education which saw me in the KIU Guild Union parliament as a college representative (MP) representing the College of Education and Long Distance Learning. it is from here that I was appointed minister of Education students 2017/2018. I am very sure it is at this level that everyone else got to know me."

He is grateful to the KIU management for always taking the front row when it comes to extending support to the financially challenged yet brilliant students through the famous, KIU Bursary Scheme that has seen several students achieve their academic dreams irrespective of the prevailing circumstances in their backyards.

"I want to thank KIU Management and Administration for supporting the Needy persons in the category where I once belonged, seven years ago. If it wasn't for KIU bursaries, I can't imagine where I would be now."

One of KIU'S Policies of giving back to its customers is retaining some of the best students as employees and for one to be considered, the University looks at a number of factors besides academic excellence. Dominic Wagooli is one of those that have had the chance of being taken on after the first degree.

"There are many factors considered for one to be retained. They range from academic excellence, discipline, some one's network, among others but to me the most outstanding one is character, a factor that many ignore yet it is key to employment not only at KIU but also elsewhere in the World," he expounds.

"I will generalize good character as being able to relate with anyone around you irrespective of the status while showing them all your strength and passion, and that is the true definition of me."

Wagooli has also praised KIU'S liberal approach in which it deploys an open door policy that allows students to have a bigger say on how everything is run.

"It is only in KIU, where a student is treated as a boss. At KIU, a mere student can go to the office of the vice-chancellor to report his or her grievance unlike in other higher education institutions. While doing my first degree I had a chance to speak to one of my high school friends who was at a different university. On hearing that I was joining colleagues at the Vice Chancellor's office, he was astonished.

"I am finishing my three year course and I even don't know the office of the Vice Chancellor, You people are lucky," he wondered.

          Wagooli's Advice to Continuing Students

Be humble: I want people to understand that being humble does not mean undervaluing oneself or lacking self-confidence. It's about maintaining a sense of self-awareness and recognizing that everyone has strengths and weaknesses, keep it as a culture to treat others with respect and empathy, and being open to learning from others' experiences and perspectives. If this is adhered to, then why not succeed?

Be Honest: Honesty is one of the very key virtuals of life that most people would wish individuals around them should have including the bosses we work for. Therefore, everyone ought to exercise the character of being honest.

Patience: I still remember my primary one teacher who used to tell us that, "patience pains but pays" and since then, whenever I hear  the spirit of rush in me, and I tell myself, Dominic!!! " Patience pains but pays " then I hold back a little and at last I always realize that things later work out.

Embrace God First: We can do everything possible but if God says No, then It may not work out, therefore let us always commit ourselves to God in whatever we do in our lives.